Possible Design References VirginaAmerica. The next 3 weeks were spent figuring out how large complex ideas could be realistically attacked, working towards a first built prototype that, while not truly functional, others could imagine as a real product or system. Def remove inset shadow Idea: However, this is legal in Arizona, since Arizona is a very pro-business state. Take advantage of those extra daylight hours and register for our Summer Intensive in Interaction Design:

As we finish student presentations, get ready to hear our Keynote speaker Candy Chang. You just call the county registrar, they tell you the price, and you buy it. Our graduating students are addressing real, human problems with their theses. Virginia – every single election, even in small towns, is run by the state. Younger voters tend to prefer text, because they actually read it. Each student then wrote about the evolution of their thesis thus far, and its relation to the field of interaction design. At a bare minimum they get the poll site from the state election office.

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So there needs to be that local culture. This makes it more interesting. Data is another aspect made difficult by the hyper-localization of our elections system.

Parse the poll site info into a readable format yay! Many many many many thanks to all my developer friends who have helped get me this far. Students took all of this and re-thought and re-worked both the prototype itself and, in many cases, the overall thesis idea as well.

Campaign finance board manages the candidates on the ballot exclusively Street data from office of city planning The actual election is run by the nyc board of elections Matching a home address to an election district is the hardest part. This is how the do it: But only because they had a way to incentivize the Portland transit companies.


The quality of the data varies greatly from state to state, largely because each state collects and maintains their data in a different way, which is largely due to the history and culture of that state and its politics.

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Co-designing a job training curriculum for Reconnect, a non-profit cafe in Bedford-Stuyvesant that employs and mentors young men from the local community who are disconnected from educational and economic opportunities. Notify me of new comments via email.

Crises generate more money… e. They explain issues and props in simple language. With the rise of the emoji and the adoption of smartphone communication, this has become more ssva than ever. Try using a more traditional calendar treatment for the election dates?

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It took NationBuilder a month to find the right person in the state of Indiana. There are serious legal issues around providing inaccurate polling information — this would be considered disenfrachisement. Catch this and other innovative projects on our livestream: How is the Google Civics organized?

Five years ago, she was piloting ID for The People, a service to help people with limited resources apply for government-issued IDs. The goal of the project is ever-evolving, but a main focus has always been to instigate a conversation about the future of our planet using the lens of food. They have a similar offering called the Election Center.


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NationBuilder has a product called runforoffice. The next 3 ixe were spent figuring out how large complex ideas could be realistically attacked, working towards a first built prototype that, while not truly functional, others could imagine as a real product or system.

What I decided to do was tackle the communication aspect kxd it. Slightly older — maybe mid-late 30s. This second prototype is a working physical mock up of a wearable light temperature sensor that graphs exposure of light temperature over time for the wearer.

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We began the semester with image cluster brainstorming, showing overlapping ideas and areas of interest in an image collage. Maybe add photos of candidates?

Got a lot of great feedback on the new design. Election Day voter registration, which also increases voter turnout by up to 10 percent, would solve this problem. Which is much harder.

sva ixd thesis

Kota, Zac, and Mat from ustwo. Doing it one by one is NOT sustainable.

sva ixd thesis

College Savvy is an online and print-based platform that clarifies the complicated financial aid process for first time college students. At the top of the chain is the Secretary of State.