Applying as a Domestic. Select the Apply Now button. OP ineligible students We calculate your OP ineligible rank. For most categories, you must complete the relevant Educational Access Scheme cover sheet and attach supporting documentation. A personal resume, curriculum vitae, group certificates, pay slips, tax returns, separation certificates, employment contracts or documents similar to these, are not sufficient. The Educational Access Scheme EAS can help you if you have experienced circumstances that negatively affected your most recent studies. EAS may not be able to compensate you for things such as:

If you sat the test from , through QTAC, we will obtain your results for you. Submit copies of your official results only; results downloaded and printed from websites are not official transcripts and are not accepted. If you are eligible for EAS, you may get bonus OPs or bonus ranks that can make you more competitive for the courses you apply for. Length of time the accountant, solicitor or tax agent has been of service to you and the relevant business. Hints and tips When to start planning Choosing the right course and institution Study costs How to apply Getting support Living away from home Thinking of applying yourself? An EAS cover sheet is a form that you fill out and attach to your supporting documentation.

Do not lodge a second application for semester 2. We process your application for 16 institutions.

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qtac cover letter

Where academic transcripts are referred to below, the official academic transcript is required. If the qualification you need to provide isn’t listed in Outstanding Documents, you can post your documents to: Attach the relevant cover sheet to each document.

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qtac cover letter

Where documentation can assist your application, lwtter will email you soon after you apply and ask you to complete an EAS cover sheet and submit supporting documents. You can always change these later on. Letting you know you are not being considered for this course also means you can change your preferences sooner if you want to.

English Language Difficulty You can apply for this category if: Usually, you can’t apply if you have studied and been taught in English for more than five years. Visit Key dates and fees for documentation coverr dates.

Educational Access Scheme

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qtac cover letter

Letterr must be received before we will start to process your application. Find a sample of the statement required from your covver s. For more information visit www. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. If you change your preferences and documentation is required then, we will contact you.

International students studying Year 12 in Australia – check with the institution whether to apply directly or through QTAC.


Normally, in these cases, your school should make arrangements to help you. My details Enter your personal details, and request EAS if required.


You can apply or submit documents after the due date but your application may not be assessed in time. Financial Hardship You can apply for this category if you are from a low-income background and residing in Australia.

You can upload your documents to your application by logging in to Application Services and going to Outstanding Documents. Print out the cover sheet and attach any supporting documentation outlined. For most categories, you must complete the relevant Educational Access Scheme cover sheet and attach supporting documentation. You can coer out any personal information like home address and next of kin, before submitting a copy of the document.

If you do not respond you lose your right to that offer and may not be considered for any other courses. In some instances, EAS can assist without supporting documentation. Offers are issued and acceptances are recorded by CAO.

You can qualify for the Financial Hardship category if: Tertiary study is the level of formal education beyond secondary education. Fill out the following sections: Home Applying Apply here Documentation.