The best solution to counter the above flaws is an integrated and multilayered infrastructure comprising redundant AFDX software, AFDX routers and cables. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here He has three decades of business leadership experience and has also taught for the University of Sydney and the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia. There’s a big difference between a pilot and an aviator. One is a technician; the other is an artist in love with flight. Airbus aircraft are all designed with a common strategic and operational philosophy that extends from the first A FBW aircraft to its latest A

This background story explains why I was concerned about saturated flight controls on QF You are commenting using your Facebook account. We lost 70 systems, spoilers, brakes, flight controls. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your WordPress. Be an unrivalled expert and passionate about what you do. Simulation of upper surface exposed to battle damage T.

qf32 case study

In the days, months and years that followed he neutralized sensationalist media and highlighted that the safety and casw culture within Qantas combined with the safety and robustness of the Airbus A were the reasons why the incident ended without loss of life.

Was the loss of electrical power on the left wing as a result of a sensor issue, automatic shutdown, direct damage, or was the breaker pulled by the crew?

So xtudy did the control check, and as I rolled the aircraft up to about 10 degrees of bank, we looked at the flight controls [ECAM page] and it looked like we were using like 60 to 70 percent of the remaining ailerons just to do a very gentle turn. Eventually the outboard engine was stopped and everyone walked away safely. What follows are just a few of the significant details sfudy this incredibly complicated situation. He discussed these issues at the pre-flight briefing, during the drive to the airport and again before the A pushed back from the aerobridge in Singapore.


In the aviation field since ztudy, Human Factors instructor since He answered every possible question in multiple passenger lounges for over two hours. If all we could do is build ourselves a Cessna aircraft out of the rubble that remained, we would be happy.

Qf32 De Crespigny Richard (ePUB/PDF)

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Thank you Captain, I enjoyed the posts as always. This meant that there were five on the flight deck instead of the normal three — the Second Officer Mark JohnsonFirst Officer Co-Pilot Matt Hicks and three captains — but all had no doubt that there was only one person in command. Put in 3 kt, we run off the end of the runway.

qf32 case study

We must remain vigilant because success today is no vaccine for tomorrow. Qf32 De Crespigny Richard. He has three decades of business leadership experience and has also taught for the University of Sydney and the University of Technology, Sydney, Australia.

qf32 case study

Stdy in the holding pattern, the flight crew worked through the procedures relevant to the messages displayed by the ECAM. Wanting to be well prepared and drop as much fuel as possible before making what would still be an overweight landing, de Crespigny entered a holding pattern.

I just finished your book and I might say that it is not suitable for before bed reading. Fly with Airbus, Qantas and Rolls-Royce with confidence — companies that have great cultures.


Each RR Trent engine has about sensors. In the s, defying the traditional role of females of her time, she became a fully qualified pilot at the age of 19 to become the youngest Australian woman to gain a pilot’s licence.

Case Study: Exceptional Customer Culture in the Face of a Qantas Disaster

The human limitations, the error and its multiple causes and sometimes terrible consequences have a charming effect on us.

No-one csse been injured but the Twitter-sphere and Internet were abuzz. Richard shies away from individual praise and continually states that it was a team effort — he is right. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The leader trusted his team to perform every standard operating procedure and delegated task. Learn how your comment data is processed. We had lost wires…. I have a question about matters that you might not want to discuss or have not enough information about but which were left in the air.

I visited Airbus, Toulouse many times after the QF32 event.

However these are more proprietary and costly technologies to deploy compared to the loose and simple alternative that is offered by the studt CAN bus. Be positively paranoid and manage every conceivable risk.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Upper left wing, showing the effects of the significant vortices that are created upwind of the damage then spread-trail back to the trailing edge.