The date, time and place of viva-voce examination shall be notified by the Registrar on the University Notice Board normally at least a week in advance so that all interested persons may attend the vivavoce examination. To the best of my knowledge and belief the thesis: Provided that a candidate permitted to work in a research establishment recognized by the University shall be required to take at least one co-supervisor alongwith the supervisor. A The following category of candidates shall be admitted directly without the entrance test: In these categories, if there are more than one candidate, then admission shall be made according to the percentage of marks at the Master’s degree for category i and ii of sub-para 3 and the M. It will not be sent to that examiner who had already approved the original thesis.

The date, time and place of viva-voce examination shall be notified by the Registrar on the University Notice Board normally at least a week in advance so that all interested persons may attend the vivavoce examination. If the revised thesis is required to be revised again i. Provided that in special circumstance Kulpati may appoint alternate viva-voce examiner from the panels of examiners, if both the external examiners are not in a position to conduct the vivavoce examination. The consent of examiners shall be obtained by sending them the summary and list of publications if any. Proposed methodology during the tenure of the research work. Attendance of all those present shall be recorded by taking their signature on a sheet of paper which will be attached to the report of viva-voce examination. After this period if a candidate desires to pursue research work for Ph.


Syllabus and Course Structure recommended by the Board of Studies of. University Library caution money payable once only and refundable.

Signature of the candidate Place A candidate shall ordinarily be permitted to work for Ph. The entrance clursework shall be normally conducted in the month of July, the date and place of which shall be announced in the notification by the University.

pre phd coursework result apsu rewa

The thesis shall be got examined as far as possible by the examiners who finally recommended for the revision. This provision will be incorporated in the letter to be sent to the examiners while sending the thesis.

Awadhesh Pratap Singh University (APSU), Rewa PhD Exam Results

Phil courses July 16, List of published papers of the candidate. In such cases the candidate may also be permitted to work under one or two co-supervisors, alongwith the supervisor.

pre phd coursework result apsu rewa

Library fee for six months. I have put in more than days of attendance with supervisor.

New Ph.D. Ordinance 30A – APS University, Awadhesh Pratap –

The same procedure shall be adopted for these applications as was adopted for the admitted candidates. Rwa response to the notification of the University, candidates desirous of seeking admission to Ph. At the time of viva-voce examination, the Board of Examiners shall be provided the reports of examiners which shall be returned alongwith the report of viva-voce examination by the supervisor and external examiner to the Registrar.

Only under special circumstances, the candidate may be allowed to change the supervisor by the Kulpati on the recommendation of the committee constituted by the Kulpati for this purpose. Laboratory caution money payable once only and refundable. Such candidates would be required to pay an additional prescribed fee for second viva-voce examination. On detection of any irregularity or any plagiarism the University shall take suitable steps to withdraw the degree as per provisions of the Act.


Pre Ph.D. Course Work Exam, 2014 on 25-Feb-2017

Summary of thesis and appointment of examiners Pharmacy Ordinance – Solapur University. Appropriate fees as decided by the University has to be paid by an institution to the University for recognition as a research centre. At least half of the names should be from outside the state. Signature of Co-supervisor if any Date He shall, however, reply only those questions which are permitted by the external examiner.

Signature of the Supervisor Name and Address After the presentation of the research work, the Board shall ask questions together with those questions which have been given alongwith examiners reports. PhD presentation – Amrita University Motivation. The thesis to be accepted for the award of the Ph. Sir, With reference to above, the details of my Ph.

Name of the research scholar 2. Pharm course is of two years, divided A candidate may pursue his research work for Ph. The interview board shall be constituted by the Vice-chancellor. Maximum number of research candidates that can be registered and allowed to cojrsework research work under a supervisor or co-supervisor at any particular time shall be eight only. Bibliography in standard format.