How much frictional force is available to bring the car to a halt? How much upward force would be required to keep this system at translational equilibrium? A spring, which has a spring constant k, is hung from the ceiling as shown to the right. The cart is then allowed to roll to the bottom of the incline. Five galaxies on a straight line, showing their distances and velocities relative to the Milky Way MW Galaxy. A new landowner has a triangular piece of flat land she wishes to fence. It strikes the ground directly below the end of the truck.

What will be the final horizontal displacement of this shot? What will be the rate of acceleration of the cart as it moves up the incline? A given machine has an AMA of 4. How far from the base of the building will the bullet strike the ground? A disc is accelerated from rest at a rate of 4. What is the moment of inertia of a disc which has a mass of 4. What is the AMA of this inclined plane?

What is the distance once around this circular path?

3: Two-Dimensional Kinematics (Exercises)

How did you reach this conclusion? A car is moving down a highway with an initial velocity of To that another car is moving with a speed of How far are you from your starting point, and what is the compass direction of a line connecting your starting point to your final position? A child, which has a mass of What is the maximum magnitude?


physics homework #12 two dimensional kinematics

How long will it take for the stopper to move around the circular path 10 times? Specific impulse wikipedialookup. How much frictional force will be applied to you by the surface of the merry-go-round?

What will be the gravitational force acting on a kg.


kinfmatics This problem is no exception. Calculate the resultant displacement. How much work was done to this sled by the applied force? What is the average rate of acceleration if this cart?

What is the average rate of acceleration for the boat? Suppose that you are on the space shuttle Endeavor and are orbiting the Earth at the same altitude as the satellite, but you are trailing the satellite by 28 km. What is the magnitude of the torque being applied to this disc? The merry-go-round takes 9. How tall is the building?

physics homework #12 two dimensional kinematics

What will be the total energy of the ball just as it reaches the spring? What will be the NET work done to the object as it is pushed to the top of the incline? Suppose that you were on top of a building where there was a board which weighed lb and was Special relativity wikipedialookup.


Be sure to indicate the direction of each vector with an arrow head and label the resultant vector R! What is the magnitude of the momentum of this ball? What will be the velocity of the cart as it reaches the bottom of the incline? The wheel is initially at rest. Nm is applied to a sphere which has a moment of inertia of kg m 2. What will be the speed of m2 just as it reaches the floor? What will be the coefficient of sliding friction mk for this surface?

A race car, moving initially with a speed of What will be the momentum of this projectile at the highest point of its trajectory? How much work would be required to lift a Give an example of a nonzero vector that has a component of zero.

How long will it take for the marble to strike the floor? What is the magnitude of the frictional force between m 1 and m2?