ProQuest will in turn distribute your thesis via its online subscription database. The candidate must meet with his or her dissertation advisor to discuss research goals, timeframes, and scheduling of an oral defense. What are the implications for policy? This gives the student an opportunity to incorporate any revisions suggested by the committee during the defense before the final deadline. Remember that there is a significant difference between a field of enquiry e. Choice of Thesis Topic.

The Director of Graduate Studies must approve a committee with fewer than three department faculty members. Students are highly encouraged to include their dissertation in the IFA Dissertation Collection and should contact Jenni Rodda after their dissertation is complete. Towards the end of your second semester: All essential material, however, should be contained in the main text. Discussion and conclusions The discussion links your findings with the research question.

nyu gsas dissertation guidelines

The preliminary dissertation submission will be reviewed for adherence to the formatting requirements, not content. This is one disertation the most important parts of your dissertation as it links with your methods nhu can help with structuring your dissertation.

If students register for at least 12 points 3 coursesthey are considered full time and do not need to take any additional action. The department is not aware of the details of the GSAS guidelines, so we will not be sending you reminders related to these.

ProQuest will in turn distribute your thesis via its online subscription database.

Dissertation Defense Guidelines

The student must also make one complete copy of the dissertation available electronic or hard copy to all five committee members no later than one month prior to the defense. This is of fundamental importance as it will ensure that your thesis has a clear focus.


The thesis can receive a high pass, a low pass, or not be approved. You can choose to provide fulltext access either to: Having identified gaps in the literature and ways in which you can add value to the research, you need to give your research question diesertation explain how answering this adds to knowledge.

Once the Primary Advisor has nominally approved the text of the dissertation, the student may give copies of the text to their second and third readers.

Please read through below for more information regarding thesis checklist and deadlines.

Submitting Your Dissertation

We strive to provide excellent digital access to all. The three “core” readers include the student’s advisor and two other faculty members.

Your thesis will demonstrate the following skills:. Can I place an embargo on access to my dissertation?

Submitting Dissertations

Students should select their thesis topic in consultation with a faculty member who they wish to work with. As soon as students are ready to begin writing their dissertations, they should look at the GSAS Doctoral Dissertation Formatting guide, which describes how the dissertation must be laid out to fulfill the GSAS requirements http: The committee may have “outside” committee members not on the NYU faculty at allwith the permission guodelines the Director of Graduate Studies.

It is advisable to use the chapter number as a prefix.

nyu gsas dissertation guidelines

Your analysis should critically evaluate earlier work in the field, paying due attention to its contributions, and to any methodological problems and limitations involved. Advising sign-up sheets for each semester’s courses are posted as follows: You are encouraged to take any of these approaches, but you are required explicitly to reflect within the dissertation upon the basis of your approach.


Figures will be numbered in the same way, i. At this time, the student should contact the Academic Office about scheduling a defense.

The committee members sign the Dissertation Reader sheets ; record the result of the oral defense in the spaces provided and returns them to the department administrator. September, January or Maydoctoral thesis oral defense form and the reader sheets dissertatino the oral defense.

The Director of Graduate Studies must approve a committee with fewer than three department faculty members. Images or Plates should be included as an appendix to the text, with one or two images on each page. Before proceeding to write the thesis, students have the opportunity to submit a research outline to their supervisors and faculty panel for discussion.

nyu gsas dissertation guidelines

Your advisor, and ideally your core committee members, should be seeing your work regularly leading up to the semester in which you defend and the date of the defense. The dissertation advisor oversees content review. You can also choose to only make the abstract of your dissertation available online. This form is your grant of permission to NYU to store your dissertation in the Collection and to make copies available for scholarly uses.

The Program Director has final dissertxtion on all supervisory relationships.