Click here to return to our scientific editing article library. Enhance your application in any way you can—even in areas your reviewers did not question, for example, by adding new data. Read more about timing at Timelines and Due Dates. Your resubmission can take one of two paths: We strongly recommend that even if your application scored just above the payline or is on a list for possible selective pay or end-of-year funding, don’t wait to see what will happen.

Additional Points to Consider The information you include in your cover letter will help provide the CSR with valuable information to help ensure your grant proposal is sent to the appropriate study section and reviewed by the most appropriate reviewers. January 29, Minutes: On this form you can:. While you must address all the reviewers’ comments from your summary statement, you can start adding new data or making other improvements to the application. Revise and Resubmit an Application.

January 28, Minutes: Note a subaward that will be active for only some of the grant’s years. Do not resubmit until you can send in the strongest possible application that effectively addresses all the reviewers’ comments.

To gauge whether the study section may have been unsuitable, use the roster attached to your summary statement to view the committee members’ names, and check out their publications. If the verdict is no for any of the above, the study section may not g01 been the best fit.


Before committing to a resubmission, you may want to assess your other Options if Your Application Isn’t Funded as reusbmission. Your new study section sees the summary statement and expects you to make appropriate changes.

You Will Still Use Cover Letters, but Not for Assignment Requests

That said, many people get funded after revising, and usually a resubmission can’t hurt you. You are allowed, and even encouraged, to submit a cover letter with any grant proposal. Father of the NIH Kinyoun: When can you submit a cover letter? As before, you must have a cover letter for the following applications: You can choose to include any of the following information in your cover letter:. Reviewers look at the application in the context of their critiques, so the approach is effective if you can readily answer their concerns.

nih r01 resubmission cover letter

Please see our scientific writing workshop page for details. September 17, Minutes: But be careful not to assume that the reviewers were the problem—first thoroughly size up the application’s faults that they identified.

This allows you to provide useful information that can help ensure that your grant proposal is assigned to the best possible reviewers in your area. Though you may be able to start revising before you get your summary statement, you’ll need the summary statement for your discussion with your program officer and to address the reviewers’ feedback in the application.

Revise and Resubmit an Application

Skip to main content. Here’s how to proceed: It can be helpful to include the disciplines involved for multidisciplinary work as well as any specific compentencies that ideal reviewers should have. You have no guarantee of anyone’s presence at the meeting—including past reviewers—because participants rotate on and off, and NIH uses ad hoc reviewers.


nih r01 resubmission cover letter

Scientific Grant Writing Author: To identify substantial scientific changes, do the following: Indicate that you are a member of an NIH study section qualified to submit at a nonstandard time. Make sure your introduction does the following: If your reviewers were not enthusiastic about your idea, reassess the study section. T01 Cover Letter advice www.

Revise and Resubmit an Application | NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

January 28, Minutes: Read for our full advice on how to approach your assignment request. Skip to main content. Content last reviewed on February 1, Resubmissions Approvals to submit. Resubmision revising as soon as you can and resubmit when ready, keeping in mind the caveats noted above and in the next section below. Add new findings and your own improvements. We offer on-site workshops for your event or organization, and also host workshops that individual participants can attend.