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In order to achieve this, we will start our study by having a glimpse of the 19th century Philippines or the essay century of Spanish colonial regime in the Philippine.

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Helbig had just been a guest on Pereira’s Pointless Podcastthus this episode was recorded at Pereira’s Los Angeles studio on February 4, It also shows how noble person Rizal is. Pentland Sprinkle of Glitter returns as a guest for the second time.

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Historians agree that every historical actor is a product of his time, therefore it rizal equally important and beneficial for our study to learn the historical context of Jose Rizal — the social, economic and political milieu of his essay in order jose contextualize our study of his life and works. Retrieved April 8, New full-length episodes are made available each Monday on SoundCloud and iTuneswith video footage featured on Helbig’s YouTube channel. On February 1,the podcast began broadcasting in both audio and video form, with full-length video being uploaded to Helbig and Hart’s This Might Get YouTube channel.


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Jose Rizal started the war by awakening the hearts of his people through his malicious works that gets the attention of Spanish Gtaduation and triggers the Filipino people to fight for their own discretion. The “Blindfolded Gingerbread House Challenge”.

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