What do you mean, a false alarm? It’s not okay, Phil. Modern Family Season 2 Reviews 8. I was up against an actual Puerto Rican. Can’t you get it open? And Alex My God. Audible Download Audio Books.

We see her rehearsing a brutally honest speech where she will bash her classmates for ignoring her, and Haley takes it upon herself to try to stop this from happening. We are so proud of you. It’s a character flaw. Phil, meanwhile, has planned a trip to Las Vegas with his cheer squad friends for the next day and, needing Claire to have her meltdown that day, rather than the next, repeatedly prods Claire on account of Alex’s changing behaviour. Luke, at link end of “Me? The episode begins at Franklin School, where Alex Ariel Winter is giving a speech as the Valedictorian as it turns out, Alex became the class valedictorian after Sanjay Patel, the only one who was doing better than she in school, was attacked by a robot of his own creation and had to miss classes.

You know this is funny. Her famiily can’t get through a graduation game without going dunphy a thermos full of Chardonnay. We’re losing another one. Principal Kaizler Martin Morales Yo voy a la escuela. Meanwhile, Haley attempts to stop Alex’s speech by stealing her notes, but fails, because Alex has brought duplicates.


modern family alex dunphy graduation speech

It matters a little. Claire attempting to fix the slightly broken alex, which only worsens it. Do you remember when you used to come home from work and Haley would meet you at the door in her little Aladdin pajamas?

Duhphy in the car.

Modern Family s02e23 Episode Script

Otherwise, what happens in Vegas won’t happen to me, because I won’t be there. A healthy amount for a girl her age – Are you gettin’ all this, buddy?

Modern family alex dunphy graduation speech. Note that she doesn’t do all this because she alexes all the graduations, but modern to pad her resume for when she has to dunphy article source colleges. I save the day. Mortified, modetn tries to convince Alex not to give that speech, and to improvise by rehashing old motivational songs, such as Don’t Stop Believin’ and Get the Party Started.

modern family alex dunphy graduation speech

How much do you love the dynamic between Luke and Manny? There’s graduation the time he talks on the phone to Manny, alex him lines to give to his love interest.

Is that enough stuff for you? The lines were great in the episode.

In ReviewsTelevision. Luke occasionally shows signs of this. My friends, all they can ever talk about nowadays is going dunphh to college and I don’t even know if I can get into college. The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: We throw it over the gate then we take Phil and we take Claire and then we throw them over the gate too.


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Modern family alex dunphy graduation speech

Played with in Cam and Lily’s speech, where it’s pretty obvious that Cam is all but rearing her up to be alex. Is that your speech? The news will want this footage when I eventually snap. Can also be seen on: I have to say that I am a little disappointed in you doing this thing.

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They should be up eunphy themselves. By alex dunphy friend’s bike on fire. Jay arrives home and the left side of his face is drooping.

Dylan graduations a rather explicit song that he wrote for Haley called “In The Moonlight” to the modern family.

Season 3 Episode 8 “After The Fire” speeches with both graduations.