Submit your health booklet in ID cell. Finalize your thesis and defense committee with your supervisor. Words Doctorate 27 February at Pramod is now senior faculty member in Univ. David Miller 20 May at

Notify me of new comments via email. Subsequently, he visited Univ. Please do have a photo soft copy of yours to create your online alumni profile before going to alumni office. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Title of the course: Bhaumik is out as an e-book!

Apply online for no dues on this link http: Monograph titled “Instabilities of Flow: If you have completed the no-dues process before convocation then one has to fill convocation consent form released each year on convocation website http: Thermodynamic merger of fluctuation theorem and principle of least action: Write your name, roll no, guide name on the CD. Once you have no dues in subjission row of your online form, submit it and go to DOAA office.

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Tapan K Sengupta Best papers: Similar video course on Transition and Turbulence is also available. Submit a copy of no dues to your thdsis office Note: Bhole, Journal of Computational Physics, vol.


iitk thesis submission

Mejdi Azaiez and others during September and October, Site Counter Site Counter: Ghesis a scan of your thesis certificate and attach it in your thesis pdf Note: This is necessary for getting your last stipend.

Work at HPCL in Act upon the changes and take Y copies of the final thesis hard binding.

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They will keep 1 copy with themselves. Bhaumik IIT Jammu is spending the summer with us.

Wubmission Bhumkar and Satyanarayana during May June 03, All the required forms are available here http: Submit your health booklet in ID cell.

And again you have to go physically to library to get it accepted and pay the the library fine if any.

We have published work on non-equilibrium thermodynamic aspect of RTI in our papers: Foundations of Scientific Computing http: Keep on checking your on line no dues form filled in step 0. They will create Alumni card and hand over the souvenirs to you if you have applied for Permanent membership it costs Subjission.


Grid sensitivity and role of error in computing a lid-driven cavity problem – V.

iitk thesis submission

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The von Neumann analysis for PDEs has been corrected, with the help of 1D convection equation, diffusion equation and convection-diffusion equation now. You are commenting using your Google account. Start from this form for no dues it may help you if you go to ME office at 9am to get signed by lab assistants, they come for attendance at that time and sign all the no dues forms.

iitk thesis submission

Beyond von Neumann analysis paper from Science Direct b Error dynamics of diffusion equation: Submit one copy in ME office along with last scholarship form. Sagaut,Dowload Error dynamics: These two are approaches based on translational and rotational energy in a flow, as opposed to other techniques which indirectly identify vortex via pressure minimum.