Owen carefully chooses words to do this. Skip to content Search. He wanted to show that the girls were mentally insane and that tier pleas for insanity should have been granted. She is most unreasonable. Dozens of people are dying all the time, thousands, so why not mother? In Daughters of Heaven the audience is largely shown the situation through the eyes of Bridget O’Malley, housekeeper of the Hulme household.

Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme “have been resurrected as unlikely folk heroes – bright women in a repressive, dull town resolving a personal crisis in the only way the powerless kids knew how”. Learning task 1 Building Prior Knowledge Before engaging with either text explore the Parker Hulme Case newspaper archive on the Canterbury Public Library website, which contains an archive of newspaper articles discussing the case. Pauline is a memorable character in Heavenly Creatures because of the unique and mystifying way she sees life. Quotes taken from IMDB. Heavenly Creatures and Daughters of Heaven feature different narrative perspectives. The use of sound is perhaps better described as the absence of sound. Jackson makes this event so shocking by letting us hear it as it would have been heard.

Only the best people fight against all obstacles in pursuit of happiness. In the past some writers tended to take the view that if left to their own devices man would organise himself into effective groups that would act in a civilised manner.

heavenly creatures essay ncea

The murder becomes not some dramatic moment in a story, but a real event that occurred in the foothills of Christchurch. We are both stark raving MAD! Processes and strategies Integrate sources of information, processes, and strategies purposefully, confidently, and precisely to identify, form, and express increasingly sophisticated ideas.


You may choose to give an impression of the play or film as a whole or a particular theme, character, quotation or scene. Rehearsing and delivering your presentation You will be assessed on how well you: We are stark raving mad.

My name is John. They were led by incompetent generals who maybe gained a few yards of territory for the loss of many of their men. Display posts from previous: Oh, but I like Nicolas so much better!

Jackson wants us to hear the scene as Pauline and Juliet would have. Analyse how techniques were used to establish and develop a strong response to a character.

Innocence, imagination, obsession – Heavenly creatures

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Why could not mother die? These camera shots show the audience that the girls have become victims to their own imagination and were not really aware of the reality of what they were planning until they executed the murder.

Pauline is from a lower class family and house hold, so when she first views the majestic grounds and mansion where the hulloes creaures Ilam she is awestruck.

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We see close up shots of esssy bloody faces of Pauline and Juliet, of Ceatures lying on the ground, and of the brick being flung. We are both stark raving MAD! Heavenly Creatures was directed by Peter Jackson in Notify me of new comments via email. Fromit can be assessed against its replacement, the new Level 2 oral presentation standard, AS 2.


The space in between these areas should represent a continuum where you can place yourself in according to the strength of your response.

Look at and discuss the assessment schedule.

heavenly creatures essay ncea

I love you so much Paul. This site uses cookies. You need to know what techniques Owen used to achieve this and consider how successful that this poem is in expressing his disillusionment with the war.

It is shocking to us that the girls could continue with the murder when we see, through the point of view shots, how horrendous it must have been. What do you think?

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Through costume, dialogue and her actions we are helped to remember her as a character. Your presentation must be at least four minutes long.

This site uses cookies. Through the use of various cleverly executed film techniques, Jackson manages to develop a strong response from the viewer to the character of Pauline Reiper.

Innocence, imagination, obsession — Heavenly creatures. Jackson uses flash-forward to show us that Pauline does in fact murder her mother. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

heavenly creatures essay ncea