Although cellphones may not offer quite as much anonymity, the dangers of cellphones are rather equivalent, if not higher than the Internet. In Harlen Coben’s The Undercover Parent , Coben argues in favor of spyware being applied to the computers of children. Invasion of privacy vs Argument Essay Parental Monitoring: Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours America is all about having privacy, but when it comes to our children, it is not the case.

Last name, First name. Although the video was found on a website, the video was first sent between two preteens’ cellphones. Other examples—online gambling, dangerous chatter, or watching prohibited videos—are less extreme. Parents are not responsible for teen’s decisions. An example would include one of my former classmates.

Arguments in Action– The Undercover Parent

Once a parent realizes that their kid is involved in a dangerous activity, then they can have a talk with their child about the dangers they are facing. Invasion of Privacy CLE: This definition may be widely varied in the millions of homes across the nation.

How would the story play out differently if Romeo and Juliet were teenagers in modern society who communicated electronically e.

Although Coben himself was, as he stated, “repelled at this invasion of privacy,” before having done a “fair amount” of research, he goes on about garlan how parents have the ability to invade a significant portion of his or her private world through spy ware.


Once a child turns a certain age, their actions are no longer the responsibility of the parent. What was the most successful part?

Peterson gives too much homework” or “what schoolmate snubbed your son”. Opposing views will have an opportunity to ask harlzn of the different groups and each group will have an opportunity to respond.

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Although underdover video was found on a website, the video was first sent between two preteens’ cellphones. With today’s technological advancements, especially in cell phone use, such as face time, or certain apps like snap chat, it has enabled us a much broader access to the social world, and is just as “dangerous” as the Internet, if not worse.

Read with pen in hand to edit for grammar and mechanics yhe read: Although I do not agree with Coben’s arguments, and some of the questionable examples, the topic of his essay is, nonetheless, a topic that should be kept in mind, and one worth taking into consideration.

harlan cobens essay the undercover parent

Coben fails to clarify the definition of “dangerous chatter”. State your logical argument refuting that reason. Does he seem knowledgeable about relationships between parents and their teen s?

Only include URL if the source cannot be found easily n. How does the author unfold the unddercover idea throughout the article? Coben lists a few examples of nosy irresponsibility such as “Mrs. She was dating a boy in middle school and entrusted him with graphic photos and videos that she sent him on her cellular device.


harlan cobens essay the undercover parent

Highlight sentences that elicit an emotional response from the reader. Parental Monitoring… Invasion of privacy or parental responsibility?

The undercover parent Essay

Drafting n Developing Your Topic —Draw on personal experience. The writer or speaker presents him or herself to the reader as credible, trustworthy, honest, and ethical. Read while going through outline 5th psrent Be sure that when you speak, you address the ideas, not the person stating them. The Internet can be a dangerous place.

harlan cobens essay the undercover parent

Yes, trust is one thing, but it is a very important thing. Auth with social network: Then larent down the correct definition… privacy n.

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Begin with a transition word that shows contrast, ex: Support your position by providing reasons and examples from the readings or your own research. Feedback Privacy Policy Feedback. Day Month Year article was accessed. Coben acknowledges the fact that teenagers will find other ways to communicate once they learn that parents are watching. The phrase “dangerous chatter” has not been made clear and this phrase can be widely interpreted.