This does not mean merely that the papers must be submitted by that time. The dissertation should not exceed pages, including notes and bibliography, in standard point typeface. The FPS provides a forum for social and academic community among students, and a link to the faculty, acting as a liaison especially to the Department Chair and the Director of Graduate Studies. Is the reasoning in the paper sound? No appointment is necessary.

Renowned for its strengths in the historical areas of medieval philosophy and contemporary continental philosophy and the systematic areas of contemporary metaphysics and epistemology, philosophy of religion, and ethics, the department features a pluralistic program that recognizes the history of philosophy as the context informing contemporary philosophical debates. It is expected that faculty members who agree to participate on a reading list or dissertation proposal committee will be involved for the duration of the project. Time limit requirements apply to both full and part time students. The application fee is waived. Fordham Philosophical Society Created and organized by students, the Fordham Philosophical Society FPS seeks, as its main purpose, to foster the professional development of students in the philosophy program. It is also important to recognize that this set of questions is not exhaustive.

Is the textual and historical scholarship sound? Comprises primary and secondary sources in the dissertation area Is broad enough to cover three approaches.

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Having found a faculty member who agrees to serve as mentor for the reading list and its exam, students should, in consultation with the mentor, find dissergation further faculty members who agree to serve on that committee. Your responses will be seen only by the Dean and Associate Dean of GSAS, and will not be shared with anyone else under any circumstances.

While the department does not have a policy about inclusive language, some associations and journals within the profession do. The survey must be completed before the fordhham and defense paperwork is submitted to GSAS. The student’s defense committee consists of her dissertation mentor, two readers, and two examiners. Proposals should be presented during the fall dissertatiion spring terms and not requested during vacation periods.


Is it well organized and clear? Continue through the online submission process until completed. Such a request must be directed in writing through the department chairperson or program director, must be approved by the dissertation mentor, readers, and the department chairperson and must receive the written approval of the dean.

fordham gsas dissertation

This does not mean merely that the papers must be submitted by that time. The discussion is not so much an exam as an attempt to formalize the earlier discussions, giving faculty persons with some interest forfham expertise related to the topic the opportunity to make suggestions for approaches to the topic, bibliography to be explored, pitfalls to be avoided, and so forth. Typically the mentor and readers will question the student for thirty minutes each, and the examiners will question the student for fifteen minutes each.

Students must fulfill the language requirement either through coursework or through examination. Students entering with an M.

fordham gsas dissertation

The student is given two hours to translate the material with the aid of a hard copy dictionary. The mentor and readers, if appropriate and the student should discuss the schedule for returning work during the summer months. Dissertating students, for their part, should remain in contact with their mentors and readers, respond to communications and feedback for fordhxm in a timely manner, and keep mentors forsham readers informed of any needed alterations to the working timeline or target completion date.

The departmental lecture series exposes students to outstanding scholars from all over the world, and together with Fordham’s distinguished School of Law the department sponsors a Natural Law Colloquium. However, the survey itself is required as part of the presentation. Philosophy graduate course requirements at Fordham, whether in the Ph. Registration Students register for PHIL Proposal Development one credit each semester during the process of gsaa their proposal.


Language exams generally consist of translating about words of academic prose from the relevant language to English. The defense is scheduled for two hours, during which all five members of the committee will question the author in turn. These faculty members are usually, but not necessarily, drawn from the Reading List committee. As they seek to sharpen the topic to the place where it can become a written proposal, students should discuss their ideas with a variety of faculty members by no means to the exclusion of fellow students.

Graduate Student Association Fordhma Grants The Graduate Student Association administers small grants to assist students with travel to conferences and research sites. There is no prerequisite for FREN The reading list should meet the following qualifications:. If one evaluator assigns a grade of Pass and the other assigns a grade of Faila third faculty member will evaluate the project, and the student must receive a grade of Pass from the third evaluator disseertation order to complete the requirement successfully.

Please consult the GSA office concerning this dossertation, which is not administered through the department. Students expecting spring gsax date and graduation should aim to submit a draft of the dissertation by the end of the fall semester, to allow time for revisions.

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Students entering without an M. Make sure that the changes conform to the formatting guidelines for dissertations and then secure approval of those changes from your mentor and committee.

fordham gsas dissertation

Its focus is perhaps more on the questions being asked in the dissertation than on the answers being given, though this is not incompatible with having one or more working hypotheses or tentative theses.