France French culture scores high on Uncertainty Avoidance. To conclude, Disney had a very poor initial performance due its lack of knowledge about the French and European preferences and culture. Disney strict appearance code for employees. The decision of breakfast was another cultural mistake, but in the opposite way. The ideals behind Disneyland were that Disney could create a place where both kids and adults can go and have fun. If Disney had these aspects they would probably have foreseen most of the cultural and operational, problems that occurred and could have easily avoided it. Market Analysis and Market Research Market Analysis and Market Research are the first and most vital steps that a company must take before entering a new market.

Recession usually means higher level of unemployment. A factor that was thought to be crucial to the park’s future success if it was to attract sufficient visitors. What should keep in mind is that do not completely following the prior experiences no matter how successful it is. Disney made a handbook of detailed rules on acceptable clothing, hairstyles, and jewelry. But due to small in size Disney Hong Kong failed to attract guests. A low score feminine on the dimension means that the dominant values in society are caring for others and quality of life. There are some steps that any company should contemplate before entering a new market in order to flourish.


I believe that Disney should continue to expand in Asia. Disney should have considered all uncontrollable forces that was around them; for example French as well as other European cultureover-valued Franc due to recession. Case Study of Euro Disneyland Introduction There is a saying that a company should not only disneylwnd globally but also think locally, and be culturally aware Karadjova and Mujtaba, But the project stalled due to change in Beijing approval.


euro disneyland case study hofstede

On the other hand French perceives distinct rules and regulations as part of their culture. Even though he was well identified with the culture is not the same having a local in charge. Motivated by the success of its three theme parks, Disney did not realize that French were a part of a distinct culture and its methods may not work there.

A feminine society is one where quality of life is the sign of success and standing out from the crowd is not admirable. The executives made many errors including lack of cultural research, last minute changes to the project which increased the costs and assuming that one park was successful so would the others. Top-of-the-mind tourist destination in Europe with excellent brand presence due to association with Walt Disney Strength 6.

Malaysia practices parliamentary democracy and has a three-tier government structure: Disney seems to be learning greatly from their European experiences. When a company expands in another country, the company must review all aspects of culture, risks, economics and lifestyles. In other word if they have connections they get a better status.

Therefore, Disneyland is a great cross-cultural lesson for students and business man around the world. According to the needs and demand of customers allow low-alcohol drinks on the territory of the part, offer more European food. If Disney had these aspects they would probably have foreseen most of the cultural and operational, problems that occurred and could have easily avoided it. In other words, Americans, so to speak, all show their masculine drive individually.

In contrast of France Communitarianism referring to people regarding themselves as part of a group. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would disneylwnd like to get such a paper?


Do not is too optimistic to a different new market. In contrast, a French manager would establish unique relationships with each subordinate, often reaching private understanding with them about work-related matters Trompenaars, The key to do international business is to dinseyland a good knowledge of different culture from different angles.

Ltd, 4, pp Tayeb, M.

So they know how to manage difficult situation. The French are far more tolerant of cigarette disneyoand and the over emphasis on the no smoking policy of Disney made both the employees and consumers unhappy. As a consequence, the perceived context in which Americans find themselves will impact their behavior more than if the culture would have either scored higher or lower.

Euro Disney Case Essay

United StatesWalt Disney. The lesson that Disneyland management must have learned are as categorized into the following broader aspects.

euro disneyland case study hofstede

In the case of Disneyland, this type of thinking led them to perform very little market testing when preparing for the move to Europe and ultimately to neglect the market research that was acquired. A factor that was thought to be crucial to the park’s future success if it was to attract sufficient visitors.

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