Key deliverables over a 24 month period commencing in are:. Day to day management of the agency lies with the Executive Team, which meets formally every week. We have removed the tax disc to make it even easier for customers to transact online or face to face. Our Plans for 4. There are specific measures which deal with how the organisation will change its commercial approach moving away from large single supplier contracts to more flexible disaggregated contracts with greater use of Small and Medium Enterprises SME. This Business Plan details what we will deliver in including continued excellent service and improved digital services for our customers.

And one in which we seamlessly integrate physical and digital customer service to best meet customer needs effectively. The DVLA Board establishes a clear control framework to support the effective management of risk, supported by delegations of authority, clear business processes, policies and procedures. Digital tracking and management information requirements will be built into the initial scoping phases of all Driver and Vehicle services as standard. This approach will contribute to mitigating our risk of disruption to business continuity. Customers want modern processes which allow increased flexibility in the way services are delivered.

We will continue to align our eficiency plans with wider government strategies.

dvla business plan 2014-15

The strategic direction and the change agenda already underway are not without risk. The service will also be used to allow sharing of driver data with those organisations permitted to receive it.

DVLA business plan 2014 to 2015

Clear plan for the recruitment and retention of key skills with an emphasis on retraining those existing staff made surplus as a result of the move to digital and local apprenticeships. Skip businrss main content.

dvla business plan 2014-15

We believe that a track-record of olan performance and efficiency, and a reputation for excellence should be our aspiration, and that the culture and values of this organisation should reflect this. The Chief Executive chairs this meeting and its membership is drawn exclusively from our functional directors listed below.


Published 27 March Last updated 20 July — see all updates.

Thank you for your feedback. Plna will continue to conduct regular reviews to identify and manage all potential risk across the agency whether relating to change or to maintaining routine service standards. Developing common functionality across IT systems allows the organisation to consolidate providing both a single, easy to use process for customers to follow whilst benefiting from economies of scale.

New capabilities are being developed to support this and a new structure created which puts service management at the core of how DVLA will run. A state-of-the-art printing facility is able to provide premium quality secure printing services.

Models will continue to be produced to plan out the scale of underutilised capacity in support of this activity.

We will continue to provide excellent customer service that meets expectations and will continue to focus on providing this excellent service to both commercial and individual customers.

A significant number of DVLA services and transactions are still predominantly paper based. The final consolidation on to our sites in Swansea represents the completion of a project that began right at the start, one body for licensing, serving the whole country with pride and quality service.

Customers will be able to view their driving licence information online. As a result of taking on new work, there will be a net increase in operational staff of around in the short term. This is complimented by the aspiration to move away from large single use IT systems to a components approach which allows much greater flexibility and has significant cost advantages. DVLA working with DfT should simplify the regulatory and policy framework which underpins its work, improve efficiency and reduce the burden on its customers.


(PDF) DVLA Strategic Plan to | Clayton Clive –

In addition, the use of intermediaries and digital service channels will require an increase of commercial and contract management skills. We are now in the second year of our Strategic Plan and our programme of change continues apace. Work with local education establishments and universities and form alliances with private sector organisations, to stimulate the supply side in skills and opportunities.

In September leaders in similar large-scale customer service DVLA won the best public procurement project at organisations in the private and public sectors. The business plan details our 15 busienss performance measures covering: Our goals reflect the aspirations of both the DfT and the Motoring Services Strategy by putting the customer at the heart of all we do.

Non-Executive Chair March Plans for 3. If you use assistive technology such as a screen reader and need a version of this document in a more accessible format, please email alternative.

Nusiness what does this mean for staff, the customer, and government? The agency will work with staff to encourage an increase in response rates by demonstrating we are delivering against the action plans from the survey and that the value of the survey is understood throughout the organisation.

The Civil Service Reform Plan is aimed at raising standards across the whole of the civil service.

dvla business plan 2014-15

Is this page useful? This service will replace the requirement for a paper counterpart. Supporting delivery of our plan 8. The requirements of DVLA should be oriented to support local small and medium sized businesses.