You have 30 days after you graduate to turn in your final, revised and approved thesis. Ask your thesis committee what they think is reasonable. Graduation audit will be emailed to your wmich. For most students, this is an opportunity to have an in-depth discussion with your committee about the work you have completed. Preview Declaration Page 3:

If you choose a topic based on a course you took at WMU, make an appointment with the course instructor to discuss your idea. Graduation audit will be emailed to your wmich. Rooms are reserved for one hour during the Thesis Celebration Days at the honors college. Even if the instructor is unable to serve as your thesis chair, he or she might be able to suggest a faculty member who is available and who has expertise closely related to your topic. This includes the use of surveys, even if they are completely anonymous.

Honors Thesis Research Scholarship | Lee Honors College | Western Michigan University

Please also visit the requirements page of this website for more detailed information on subbing a course. Your thesis chair should be willing to meet with you, should help honoors to refine ideas for your project and should give you substantive feedback on your progress in a timely manner.

wmu lee honors college thesis

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Thesiss, not quantity, is what matters in an honors thesis. It is standard practice to receive an original diploma without the honors college designation soon after commencement and then to receive a second diploma with the honors college designation between 45 to 60 days after commencement. Does the thesis need to be completed in my major program of study? A reflection paper is required for creative works.

If your project involves the use of recombinant or synthetic DNA, or microbiological agents and their products, or life sciences research, you must contact the Institutional Biosafety Committee WMU-IBC at This includes the use of surveys, even if they are completely anonymous.


Honors Thesis Research Scholarship

The honors thesis experience is intended to provide you with an opportunity to hone pertinent skills and knowledge in your major field of study, or in another area of significant interest thssis you, under the close guidance of content experts. In this case, the committee does not need to be present and no oral examination follows the presentation.

Attach a brief, not more than 1 one page description of your topic: The wmi committee chair and the dean or the associate dean of the honors college must approve the thesis topic. It is up to you to define the project and to be an active participant in the work.

Many students find it helpful to write out a tentative timeline for completing each step.

Honors Thesis Handbook | Lee Honors College | Western Michigan University

I head that the thesis is supposed to be at least 50 pages or pages or pages or Once you have decided on a thesis defense date, you should submit your thesis defense certificate request form. Please also note that if granted, the extension period will typically be for 30 days only. For students who entered the honors college in fall or later, at least one credit of HNRS is required and is counted in the Experiential category as part of the 18 total required honors credits.

Now that you’ve carefully and thoroughly read through the thesis handbook, bookmark or print out this handy thesis checklist to help keep you on track during your thesis process!

Procrastination is not considered an extenuating circumstance.

An oral presentation of your work, open to the public; A public question and answer session; A closed-door oral examination with your thesis committee.

It may also be helpful for these students to take HNRS According to Lee Honors College alumni, the final product, as well as the thesis process, has been one of the most significant contributors to success after graduation. In the sciences, social sciences, business and education, this is generally a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation including a description of the motivation for your work, a summary of related work, the approach you used, the results obtained, your conclusions and their significance.


This paper should address why you made the choices you made for your creative project and a self-evaluation of the final product along with any other information you wish to include, as well as any additional writing required by your thesis advisor.

Your corder comes forward during the ceremony to place honors cords on you. You have 30 days after you graduate to turn in your final, revised and approved thesis.

Please see the thesis approval email for detailed information regarding your requirements. The thesis chair serves as instructor of record for the course, which means that the thesis chair will be responsible for assigning the grade for your work on your honors thesis.

Honors Thesis Handbook

Fill in your proposed thesis topic, attach a one-page general description of the work to be done, and have your thesis chair respond to the follow up email confirming they are committed to serving as your thesis mentor. Once you begin your project, you should send periodic updates on your progress to your full committee and should also consider scheduling regular meetings with them.

Do not worry if your ideas are still a bit nebulous when you proceed to step three. To sign up for HNRSyou and your thesis chair should complete and submit the registration form. Start current Page 2:

wmu lee honors college thesis