For example, you should try and use the same terminology as you find in the literature in order to sound more professional and scholarly. Provide background information on your topic, country case, political context, etc. Use the rubric or checklist provided and highlight the important parts you should address. Having said that, remember that everyone writes differently i. For example, style of citation, title page, formatting, voice, subheadings.

When the assignment says between pages, it is better to do 8 than 6. These statements are absolutely false, and the quicker you can change your mentality away from them the better. This is also a good stage to check with your professor or TA. List questions or clarifications you might have, and ask them ahead of time. Pretty much anyone will be able to catch small spelling and grammar mistakes that you have missed no matter how many times you have read over your paper. Some general things to keep in mind when doing your research is to be careful to stay on topic and always double check with yourself that the research is relevant to your essay.

You usually need 3 things from a source: Do you have an exam coming up? These statements are absolutely false, and the quicker you can change your mentality away from them the better. The size and detail of this depends on the size state,ent the paper.

Paraphrase your thesis and demonstrate how you have proven it with your arguments. Make a checklist for editing and proofreading. This can also be related to words you usually misspell or commonly confused words i.

Reducing stress will allow you to do your best work. For a social science paper between pages you satement should read at least 10 relatively good sources.


Always think of an introduction as an upside down triangle. May — Verbs in Academic Writing Stuck for words?

If you are taking science courses, then July is a busy time when labs are due. November — Writing Research Essays November is usually a time when many papers are due. As well, start taking notice of the mistakes you usually make, so you can search out for them specifically.

This is really important as it defines the scope of your paper, especially when using broad all-encompassing terms like empowerment, globalization, international community, democracy, etc.

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Since many students are confused about what an introduction should include, here is a general guideline to get you started. This tipsheet focuses on summarizing, which is useful if your reader needs to know the bare bones of a source.

This tipsheet guides you through a step-by-step approach to coming up with a thesis statement. Define the scope of your paper. This will thrsis you a pretty good idea if the article will be of use to you and save you time from reading the whole thing.

utsc thesis statement

Meeting your professor or TA to discuss the assignment, present your outline or ideas, and brainstorm different ways to approach it, will really improve the quality of your work. Doing too much research can definitely give you a better understanding of the broader issue of your topic, and this can be noticed in your tbesis.

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Also remember, that not all sources you read will be useful, it takes time to find really good sources you can use utsd your paper. You can use the tipsheet stateent write engaging and captivating introductions and conclusions for your term papers. And this should be the general structure of your paper: It will help you to pick up contradictions and weaknesses in your arguments before you start writing and it keeps you from going off-track.


Part of being a successful student is reading and extracting the essential information, then being able to explain it in your own words.

utsc thesis statement

It takes a bit longer to look through each database but you get more quality and relevant sources. Editing, Revising, and Proofreading preferably not at 4am the night before Best case scenario is to take some time a day or two between finishing your final draft and editing to give you some distance from your work. Try and use a more active, instead of a passive voice, to sounds more assertive and succinct.

Also accept that if you write your introduction first, you will probably have to re-write it or at least tweak it depending on how the rest of your paper turns out.

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Writing an outline is invaluable to help organize your thoughts and the structure of your essay informally, in order to check strengths and relevance of arguments, consistency with thesis, and flow.

The library does a great job at dividing these up. Reading certain things can trigger-off brainstorming in your head, or a brilliant thought, or a criticism.

Then grab a pen and a piece of paper and start writing statemenh your emotions and anything that is on your mind and heart.