What is the Genuine Entrepreneur Test? If the money is held in several financial institutions, you must supply a recent letter from each institution. Not only do we provide a list of possible questions, but we also coach them through answers in mock interviews, so their answers are consistent and articulate on the day. I am currently doing my masters in law at UCL. I am Indian 12 yrs experienced Banker, looking for opportunity to work in UK, I can invest Pounds, Me and my wife both are qualified, request to guide us.

This appeal was allowed on both grounds, under the immigration rules and the Human Rights. The home regulator is an official financial regulatory body, in the country where the financial institution operates and the funds are located. It is important to ensure all documents submitted are in the correct format and that they meet the requirements under the immigration rules. To ensure you remain within the threshold, speak to one of our immigration solicitors who can provide you with the best advice throughout the life of your Tier 1 Entrepreneur Visa. As a alternative, we can explore the options under a Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa under which you may be able to re-enter the UK and set up a business. In June the Visa is ending.

To meet the eligibility requirements, you must also provide; – Evidence of a genuine and viable business plan. The Home Office will assess your application in light of your proposed business plan and as such, we will need more information from you to advise you further in this matter. An application for entry clearance as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur is heavily scrutinised by the Home Office. Have you created employment for two settled workers or busuness who have been employed for at least 12 months each?

tier 1 entrepreneur 200k business plan

At OTS Solicitors, we have specialist business immigration lawyers who can assist you in making a strong Tier 1 Entrepreneur application, which includes providing full advice on your business plan. On the one had the fact that the Home Office had not discharged from the duty to prove that the client had committed a fraud and had sat a TOEIC examination through a proxy or otherwise implemented illegal tactics to pass the examination.


We have advised the clients on the supporting documentation needed, prepared the application and are currently awaiting a decision from teir Home Office. I run a very successful coaching institute in India and my husband is also into real estate business. The Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa is the natural visa to obtain for those wishing to start or invest in a business they will actively be involved in running in the UK.

If this is a route you are currently considering, please contact our business immigration team who are specialists in this field and who will be able to provide you with detailed advice.

You should also assess the potential costs of living in the United Kingdom. Plaj will contact you shortly to discuss your immigration matter in more detail. We do not have any business running experience even though we are ready to train ourselves and explore opportunities. My mom an dad are looking to immigrate to other country from India due to the bad air quality in the country, My Dad is 60 years old and mum is 52 years old.

A member of the team shall be in touch very shortly to arrange a consultation bjsiness you. Do you have office other than London? You must have a minimum B1 level of English language and score 10 points in this section, or your application will be refused. They achieved this by investing in a small equity stake of an established company but did not actively participate in running the organisation. Our experienced business immigration team would be happy to assist you or alternatively provide you with advice on any other potential route to settlement you may be eligible for.


Plz note that my maternal uncle is already living in uK from a long time and can help me in any way. Dear Sirs, Thank you for your enquiry. I note the information you provided regarding your business experience and your interest in obtaining Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa.

tier 1 entrepreneur 200k business plan

plann Many thanks for your Tier 1 Entrepreneur enquiry. Judicial Review proceedings were started and lodged. We will firstly need to discuss your business plan and assess whether you meet the financial requirements.

She lives in Hong Kong with her husband and a daughter who is going to be aged 18 this September.

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Furthermore, there is a 5 year cap on student visas for those who wish to study an undergraduate or a Masters degree in the UK. I have an access to pounds in a nationalised bank in india.

She had previously been granted leave to enter as Tier 1 Entrepreneur applicant and had established successful businesses in the UK into which she had invested significant amount of funds.

There are several key requirements to be met in order to get a visa as a Tier 1 Entrepreneur.

OTS Solicitors is a Legal recommended law firm. I am interested by the tier1 route, however i am looking fir a shareholder in order to take in charge the half of So total residents to be settled are only four.

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I want to apply for entrepreneur visa. Our Employment and Corporate lawyers will also provide support to ensure you are advised on any aspects of meeting the specific immigration rules and requirement and also thereafter while running your business.

I am looking for Tier 1 Entrepreneur visa. A look at UK visa and immigration rules and the American citizen.