Not all coursework contributes to the final percentage of a course mark: Supervision one year MA Note: It is UCL policy that all students receive feedback on summative assessments within one calendar month of the submission deadline. Most departments will require students to submit work electronically via these systems and ask students to declare that submissions are the work of the student alone. Third Satisfactory Limited understanding of the material and its significance providing a superficial or evasive answer. I hope you will take every opportunity to shape your time here, so that your experience is the best possible.

You are now a member of a specialist institution with outstanding resources and expertise. At UCL, we believe the best way to solve a problem is to bring together thinking from different academic disciplines. Where feedback is not provided within the timescale, students should bring the matter to the attention of their Departmental Tutor or Head of Department. Students writing assessment typically in Economics and Business topics which involve econometric analysis may include additional tables or graphs in an appendix with descriptive statistics, variable definitions, extra regression tables etc. Students are encouraged to be proactive in engaging with their Personal Tutor, as it is the responsibility of the student to keep in touch.

Marks communicated to students during the academic year remain provisional until they are confirmed by the Board of Examiners.

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Planning, time-management and the meeting of deadlines are part of the personal and professional skills expected of all graduates. The Programme Summary describes the modules which students must pass in order to achieve their degree. Fail FAIL Demonstrates failure to use sources and an inadequate ability to engage in systematic inquiry. Serious or repeated offences may lead to failure of the whole year, suspension or even expulsion.


Second-marking can take a number of different forms depending on the type of assessment, but the overall aim is to ensure that marking is as accurate as possible. Merit Very good 65 – 69 B 60 – 61 C A high level of knowledge, ability to synthesise a very wide range of materials.

Third Satisfactory Limited care and competence in documentation and presentation.

ssees undergraduate dissertation

First Excellent Unusually extensively informed and material comprehensively synthesized. Demonstrates a clear grasp of concepts.

Poor grasp of the relevance of source material to what is being argued, weak organisation and structure. Third Satisfactory Limited understanding of the material and its significance providing a superficial or evasive answer. It is taken in the final year. Merit Very good 65 – 69 B 60 – 61 C Very good knowledge of vocabulary and mastery of translation difficulties including very good English style in translation and summary work. During the course you will also be allocated a Dissertation Supervisor relevant to the area in which dossertation wish to undertake your research.

If the student successfully completes a Deferral of their second attempt i. Become a ChangeMaker or an Academic Representative and work in partnership with academics to make your programme of study even better.

ssees undergraduate dissertation

Different programme areas History, Economics and Business, Politics and Sociology, Languages and Culture have slightly different expectations and each has its own section on the Moodle site. Plagiarism is defined as the presentation of another person’s thoughts or words or artefacts or software as though they were a student’s own. UCL regulations governing plagiarism apply to all student work, including examinations, assessed coursework and non-assessed coursework.

The free-standing dissertation SESS is a 10, word assessment worth one course unit.


ssees undergraduate dissertation

If you are taking a module in another department or college please refer to their guidelines. Attendance and Absence Introduction This resource provides support and guidance for personal study and to help you through the dissertation process.

Students are encouraged to be proactive in engaging with their Personal Tutor, as it is the responsibility of the student to keep in touch. Exceptionally, the Exam Board may decide that the extent of failure is such that the student needs to repeat the dissertation with tuition and fees. Best 90 credits weighted at 3 Third year: UCL will use plagiarism detection software to scan coursework for evidence of plagiarism against billions of sources worldwide websites, journals etc.

Depending on the amount of failure, this may take the form of either a Resit in the Late Summer or a Repeat in the following academic session.

8 Tutorials and supervision

Berghahn Books, References Your Personal Tutor or an individual course tutor may also be able to provide you with job or academic references for your applications. Staff availability at that time disertation depend on their commitments to research activity.

If you receive a mark with which you are unhappy, you should first review the feedback you have been given, as this should contextualise the mark for you. Academic Manual Chapter 4, Section 6: Staff availability at that time will depend on their commitments to research activity. Contact the Student Adminstration Office.