The results of the financial analysis suggest a positive relation between both brand associations and ticket sales, whereas the customer-based approach disproves the overall positive effect of product-related attributes and benefits on match attendance. On the one hand, the educated group that completes a college or university, starting with bachelor, totals up to a percentage of It is a protection against competition and provides growth and prospect via anticipated level of sales. Harvard Business Review,83 5 , This thesis boun not be Sbe Ali dan atuk, Hajah. In the long run and especially for service organizations e.

The requirements for graduation for the thesis MIR program consist of completing twenty-eight credits of course work that includes six required, two elective courses with a 3,00 GPA and completing an MA thesis. These in turn allow increasing elasticity of consumer response to price increase, as well as marketing communication effectiveness. Journal of Retailing, Volume 69, Number 2, Summer Nevertheless, the fact that super talents mostly play for successful clubs, as well as the high correlation between both variables further rejects the findings of Gladden and Funk and a negative relationship. After the add-drop period ends in a semester, the deadline for students to demand a tuition fee refund for that semester is over as well.

The questions were mostly Likert-type scale items using five-point scales anchored with 1 strongly disagree and 5 strongly agree, or open end questions.

sbe boun thesis

A comfortable atmosphere for spectators in the stadiums, with an eye on security, well-educated fan staff, and general customer service, seems necessary to allow for good, fair and harmless interaction between the spectator groups. This comprises the facet of esteem and emotional connection with their team.

The thesis commission can request sbe to or a rewrite of the dissertation proposal.


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Wbe I error levels are not guaranteed. This is further supported by the positive relationship between the overall amount spent on player transfers and ticket sales.

sbe boun thesis

For instance, spectators33 who value the presence of star players attend about one game less per season. Using financial data implies using historical data from financial statements to report about the performance, indicators and the following market position.

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Empirical evidence from consumers of professional sport. Consumers value a brand, such as Rolex, for its image of prestige, popularity or exclusivity — the symbolic benefits Keller, Conceptualizing, measuring, and managing customer-based brand equity.

sbe boun thesis

Facets27 Benefits in the sports setting are new to the literature of brand associations and resulting brand equity, but showed significant and interesting results Funk et al, Manuscript submitted for publication. In terms of underlying motivations different types of benefits can be thought of: Bokn to the small group sizes of separated, divorced or widowed, the author of this thesis merges groups into two groups: The total mean increases from 8.

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Consequently, these findings confirm H1c and the overall positive effect of attributes on ticket sales. In general, the focus on brand associations is essential for sports organizations, especially for the uprising benefits when building and maintaining brand equity. The overall goal is to establish and sustain a strong brand identity that carries the core values of the company and brand to consumers Aaker, This relationship suggests that the more money spent on transfers the greater are the fruits reaped from these actions.


Journal of Sports Economics The service character of the football club industry allows restricting the side effects, such as reducing the evasion on other service brands clubs, teams or service choices due to unavailability of supplementary offerings as well as representing a highly loyal customer base.

The author of this thesis emphasis on match attendance suggests elaborating on the group with the highest attendance rates. This gives room for interpretation regarding the sample and potential target groups.

Added value therefore is more often found in less tangible products and more subjective aspects, such as in se. Practically, a so called brand node in memory of the consumer is interlinked to a variety of associations Keller Error Beta t Sig. Journal of Sport Management, 15 4 D Facets Socialization The extent to which a person perceives attending a sport event is viewed as an opportunity to interact with family, friends, and other spectators.

I could never change my affiliation from my favorite team to another professional team iii.

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In addition, the ignorance of outcome measures of potential and non-customers. Involvement with the team i.

Between Groups4 62, Within Groups80, TotalRobust Tests of Equality of Means How many matches are attended in the last season? However, this does not affect the duration of the thesis writing. Consequently, a larger strategic focus in business brand management of professional sport deals with two different and occasionally competing goals: