The LUMC aims at identifying the causes of disease, improving diagnosis, prevention, and ultimately developing effective treatments. If you have not yet completed your study programme, state your expected graduation date and submit copies of all transcripts obtained to date. We bewaren uw medische gegevens minimaal 15 jaar na het eindigen van de behandeling. It is important that you prepare yourself adequately and are informed about the specific rules that are drawn up for students. June Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Its research practice ranges from pure fundamental medical research to applied clinical research. Vinden we het toch van belang om uw gegevens met anderen te delen, dan mag u dat bepalen en vragen we daarvoor uw toestemming. Personen die namens het LUMC toegang hebben tot uw gegevens zijn gehouden tot geheimhouding. Bachelor’s admission and application. Uw gezondheid weegt voor ons altijd het zwaarst.

Documents must be in the original language and accompanied by official translations if they are not in English, Dutch, German or French. International Baccalaureate students are advised to also llumc their predicted grades. Soms moeten we daarvoor gegevens verstrekken aan landelijke registraties.

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If your faculty or programme has an additional tab on this page, make sure to read it carefully. Language proficiency information You can apply before you obtain the results of your language exam. Het LUMC bekijkt zorgvuldig of dit anoniem kan en doet dat wanneer mogelijk.

This website uses cookies. Bio Medical students can during their study programs come into contact with patients who are carriers of infectious diseases.


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At the time, the building did justice to nursing practices and operation techniques, but after pegsonal few decades lukc was already obsolete. In sommige gevallen zijn wij wettelijk verplicht om een aantal persoonsgegevens van u te delen met een andere partij, denk bijvoorbeeld aan het sturen van een factuur naar uw zorgverzekeraar.

European Baccalaureate students should indicate the subjects in which they will take their written and oral examinations. Colloquium doctum applicants must also submit transcripts from any uncompleted study programmes.

Please consult these before you enter the hospital. Vaccinations and check-ups VGM The main rule with regards to infection prevention is that you will only be allowed into the hospital when you can show a statemenf with your check-ups and vaccinations with regards to TBC, MRSA and Hepatitis B. The same rules apply to students as well as to employees who are working in the hospital or laboratory.

Law – Entrepreneurship and Management LL. They provide students with real examples from their statemenr and insights from the latest developments in their field.

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The hospital has clinical departments of all medical specialties, and acts as a tertiary referral centre for the northern part of the province of South Holland. We have approximately 2.

It is your responsibility to take up this invitation. Leiden University Teaching hospitals in the Netherlands Academic health science centres Hospitals established in establishments in the Netherlands. Law – Economics LL. Leiden University is a high ranking European research university. Medicine has changed and developed beyond recognition over the centuries.


personal statement lumc

LUMC offers the following university courses:. LUMC also offers continuing education and training for doctors, scientists and other healthcare professionals. Within LUMC different specialists work together around research themes. Read Accept cookies Reject cookies. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Yes, Level I trauma center. The various buildings are linked by skyways and tunnels, thus symbolising the interrelationship of the core tasks.

Read here about the safety measures in place and what you should do in case of emergencies or other incidents.

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Bij de kerndocumenten horen onder andere de ontslagbrief, het operatieverslag, het anesthesieverslag, de uitslagen van pathologisch onderzoek en het eerste hulp verslag. Als het noodzakelijk is voor uw behandeling of gezondheid informeren wij uw huis arts die u heeft doorverwezen naar het LUMC over de belangrijkste bevindingen.

personal statement lumc

Continuing education is organized by ztatement departments Boerhaave Nascholing and Educatie Zorgsector. For more than years, Leiden University has been at the forefront of medical science and education.