Thorndike used cats, Pavlov used dogs, and Skinner – pigeons and rats. The second ethical consideration is that of potential manipulation. In the case of negative reinforcement, it is important to remember that negative does not mean “bad”, just the removal of an unpleasant stimulus. Their attitudes were better than before, their willingness to do the jobs assigned to them was higher, and their spirits were high Raj et al. If you do not know how you should be performing, how can you be expected to perform? Retrieved June 2, , from University of Minnesota Website:

From this view, the important consequence of a behavior is the information it provides about behavioral outcomes. The removal of reinforcement altogether is called extinction. Two types of reinforcement schedules are: Since the oven gloves mean he never gets burned anymore he always puts them on. Reinforcement and its Role in Undesirable Behavior:

Skinner’s students decided to try out the shaping technique on Skinner himself by making him give his lectures from the door, with one foot in the hallway instead of from the podium. For example, being reprimanded by your boss can be a very humiliating experience beyond what they could possibly know. The monetary reinforcer worked well and employee purchases at the retail store almost doubled after the reinforcers were used. Money and social recognition are better reinforcers than feedback for less complex tasks according to previous literature.

Waird states the answer is: To evaluate this classroom discipline model, we need to look at the pros and cons of behavioural modification.


negative reinforcement essay study mode

In Encyclopedia of Business, 2 nd ed. Five supervisors were trained in the use of verbal positive reinforcement. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology16 6Retrieved from http: Behaviour Modification Model by B.

The value of constant k depends on the amount of effort that the behavior requires, and the value of r e depends on other sources of reinforcement in the environment Herrnstein, Remove – what individuals like when they have performed the undesired behavior Griggs, Northern Colorado Business Report.

negative reinforcement essay study mode

Each human being is different and unique, and Reinforcement Theory has to take this into account. Reinforcement needs correct timing and rewards, high enthusiasm and consistency.

Ensure that the reward you are providing is actually rewarding to the person that is being rewarded.

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When their children got sick the mothers were naturally absent from work. Provides clues to motivation. This is an example of how shaping can be used.

negative reinforcement essay study mode

Behavior modification and absenteeism: Specifically with children, but also in work settings, punishments can cause less powerful people to want to strive to become “powerful” by observing the example they are shown in receiving punishments. Hockenburynegative punishment may also be referred to as punishment by removal.

The size or type of award the player wins is left up to chance, much like playing the slots in Las Vegas. Specifying the desired behavior as objectively as possible.

Positive Vs Negative Reinforcement

It is important to clearly explain the reasons for the punishment and offer the employee alternative good behaviors. This is because teaching affects behaviour while behaviour affects teaching. Since Adele hates doing spellings she has now started pinching her teacher every single time the spellings are taken out and every time she pinches her teacher the spelling programme is always stopped.


Another example involves Skinner and his students at Harvard University.

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Research methods for the behavioral sciences. We might be able to resist a child’s nagging most of the time, but if we yield every once in a while, the child will persist with it” Crain, The power of variable reinforcement lies in the fact that individuals do not know exactly when it is coming.

Negative punishment is the opposite the removal of a positive stimulus following a given behavior in order to decrease the frequency of that behavior.

There were 36 employees that made up this group and their daily jobs were to develop new software, train employees on the new software, accounting, and auditing. Skinner placed an electric current inside the box which was an unpleasant stimulus for the rat. Particularly in an office setting where the boss utilizes punishment frequently, employees tends to withdraw, keep silent and avoid effective communication between each other due more the need of avoiding the conflict of punishment.

Process theories of motivation.