Strike a Pose Being basically a game it does activate visitors. This description played automatically in the audio guide when the visitor came to that room. I touched upon this term when I presented the museum visitor model earlier. Brooklyn Museum also managed to combine the virtual and physical by allowing users to come to the virtual representation of their gallery when using the QR-codes. The scope of the museum is to make the visitor aware of the Nobel-prize winners as well as Alfred Nobel himself, and this is used through extensive slideshows and videos with accompanied touch- screens where the user can click on interesting information. The second and third pose Figure The Brooklyn Museum already had an established app, but wanted a game connected to the exhibition to make visitors more aware of what they could explore.

By connecting a display with trigger-plates the user can step on, access to different video- clips and texts will be possible. They did not feel static steps in front of a screen is a good metaphor for dance. If the voice-actor or singer in the installation does a poor job, or the script used for recording the session is sub-par, then the interaction as a whole will suffer. Casual Mask Wall The Dance wall was an example of full body interaction. Even if I do not recommend it currently I want to place it in the forefront as a serious alternative that should be considered when further developments take place regarding the attitude surrounding museum exhibitions. According to Richard and Jonathan it was easy to implement and cheap as well, making it very accessible for the museum. There was some criticism from Dansmuseet as they had difficulty seeing a new showcase within the exhibition.

Figure 4 shows the model version of the entrance to the main exhibition while figure 5 shows a more general view of the actual interior of the exhibition room.

Overall the suggestions worth mentioning and that I could further discuss with the staff at Dansmuseet was: There is however a way to produce freely created works as well as numerous other activities as seen in figure Abaamuseet has the scope of showing the history of ABBA the band. In figure 13 the user gets instructed how to use the application.


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Visitors with this motivation are looking to fulfill a personal goal, and the satisfaction of accomplishing it Falk, I will also discuss the future of using interactive media in museums as well as the research process that is relevant within this field. It is fruitful however, as it allowed me to gain some insight into what the staff of Dansmuseet do have as a symbol of dance but this proposal is not among the ones I suggest by the end of the thesis.

The hobbyist will only be interested in the knowledge contained within the exhibition, and the facilitator will want something to nurture their social interaction when undertaking the museum visit.

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Two workshops and three interviews are performed, before partaking in the parallel design step that generated several proposals that were presented to Dansmuseet. These artifacts have numbers next to them to identify their place in the museum. Livrustkammaren has the goal of showing armors and clothes connected with Swedish royalty throughout history. NMC, The reason touch screen kiosks, or other alternative ways to interact, could be so useful is that they are so incredibly fluid.

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In contrast, when visitors use Instagram to present their own context they in turn become curators, thesjs least to the users viewing their presentations at Instagram.

Smith and Tinio, The Jewish Museum in New York had a creative way kaster accompany audio guides with their exhibition. I was able to find models that could define this in a cohesive way, but I still feel a distinct lack of terminology and methods specifically tailored for implementing technology in the museum experience, which makes it hard to evaluate some of the more intangible notions encountered during the process.

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Is the technology used in the approach lasting, or will it be outdated too soon? Overall they wanted activation and things that they felt spurred their imagination.

Every evocative object on exhibit is a mnemonic device.

The technology for this is not too advanced, using a camera to capture the pedestrians and reflecting it onto a projecting surface thus creating the corresponding avatar, showcased in figure To that end, it was highly effective to showcase existing examples of implemented interactive media from other museums in the world.


It is probably not a bad thing, since the museum gets more control in what they want to showcase with the technology. Falk, This definition of the museum visit is interesting, as it states that there are clear factors outside the museum that not only influences the visit but is actually a distinct part of it.

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Bernstein, The museum had already used QR-codes before this implementation. The showcases already present had distinct roles as they were each actually used in a historical production of a dance performance.

For additional information please check the job offer. With the limitations set the research questions could be formed, which would form the basis for the future work: The excluding part might not be visible until you hit “NOT” for the first time. The work consists of providing academic supervision for Master Thesis projects, primarily within the master programs of Computer Science and Machine Learning.

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In this sort of process one of the first steps needed is to identify what are the actual potential users of the implemented technology?

What this means is tnesis users could create their own context unlike mmaster one designed by the museum staff and share it with other Instagram users. To do this I proceeded to get more practical, in investigating specific examples of interactive technology implemented in other museum environments, choosing them from the criteria I had discovered earlier.

By scanning it through the app the user got not only an audio-presentation, but also textual information. It is important to note that this information is rather static but is also something that my assignment would not affect to any greater degree.

We can share different media, which kgh the end means that we can share stories.