I remember looking down the battery. Sheers packs imagery into this stanza, using both a simile and alliteration in the last line. Alliteration , Conflict , Metaphor. The imagery is very rich, and the persistence of the relics of war is clear. I shall never forget that either.

People remember that others died fighting for them but individually many soldiers were not found or not identified. And in an open space, the incongruously complete buildings, and factory chimneys of Waterlot farm. This makes the reader feel pride and gives us the sense that these men were patriotic. This morning, twenty men buried in one long grave, a broken mosaic of bone linked arm in arm, their skeletons paused mid dance- macabre in boots that outlasted them, their socketed heads tilted back at an angle and their jaws, those that have them, dropped open. In Mametz Wood, Sheers uses a metaphor to represent how the soldiers were fragile and their deaths very regrettable. Here Sheers tries to show us that from war -which is a manmade action- not only do people suffer and get hurt, but it also has a negative scarring impact on nature itself. China plates are generally considered to be priceless, as well as delicate, and the bones have been elevated from natural resources to this such image as well.

How about getting full access immediately? This makes the reader feel indignation at the brutal treatment the soldiers received and that even though they ppoem, their deaths were unimportant as they were only toys.

mametz wood poem essay

This makes the reader feel pride and gives us the sense that these men were patriotic. In a birds nest the baby birds would wait for their mother to bring home the food for them. It also implies a pollution of the wood itself; the invasion of the German army acts much like a virus, turning the land where most of the Welsh soldiers knew as home into a trap and the final resting place for their own bodies.

Although it is not a personal account of war, Sheers has created a moving description of the way in which reminders of the horrors of war are still present and visible many years later. Nametz Wood by Owen Sheers. Here, it is given a different mamtz. Please choose the access option you need: View my complete profile. In the seventh and final stanza Sheers conveys the idea that the soldiers’ skeletons appeared to be singing, but that the sound of their voices was not heard until the grave was discovered years later.


In Poej Wood, Sheers also uses an extended metaphor, which is similar to the falling leaves metaphor, of birds and nature. The sight of so many skeletons together powm a grave must have stirred up genuine emotion.

Poetry for GCSE English: Mametz Wood, by Owen Sheers

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. However, this is different to Mametz Wood as poem fssay a more forceful anti-war message and does not focus on the idea that these men were brave for going to war but that their actions were simply regrettable.

mametz wood poem essay

That the pom boots outlasted the soldiers, this shows how tough the material that made the boots were, and could also show how the boots do not degrade as easily as humans decompose, this shows they are a negative effect to the earth. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. He goes on to describe the skulls of the soldiers, although not all of them were intact.

Contrastingly, Sheers may have used livelier aspects to highlight to the reader that they died in action. By the end of the poem, however, the reader knows the truth: This morning, twenty men buried in one long grave, a broken mosaic of bone linked arm in arm, their skeletons paused mid dance- macabre.

Mametz Wood by Owen Sheers

We got to our position, in a sort of little hollow, and the ordered confusion of getting into action was at its height when with a shriek essag a crash a shell burst some 20 yards behind us.

During an era where young soldiers, swollen with their own patriotic fervour, would join the army at the urging of their parents or at the urging of their offices, there is no shortage of thankless deaths, however the allied soldiers that gave their lives in Mametz Wood were among the most enthusiastic and courageous to perish in the line of their duty.


Cancel reply Enter your comment here You can get this essay on your email. This shows a conflict between past and present and how the past still leaves its eessay on the present and future of the earth.

Notify me of new posts via email. About Me Liz I’ll be posting reviews of my favourite eateries, most of which will be in the south of England. As it happens I did, but the poem took a long time to surface very much in the same way that those elements of the battle are still surfacing through the fields eighty-five years later.

Even though some of the images created are of death, here you could also see hope in the words. Then a bang—and the yell of the shell case as it went through us.

However, the war is now over, and the land watches over the dead soldiers. Death has prematurely silenced these young men.

Downloading text is forbidden on this website. These half-rhymes have more impact since there are only two pairs throughout the poem. A frontal attack on Contalmaison and Mametz Wood quit different and separate from Mametz village which we saw from our ridge to a flank.

mametz wood poem essay

Time has made these soldiers just as irreplaceably natural — the aood, as well as the soldiers, were brutalized by the war, and the fact that their remains have lain there for years without being uncovered shows the selfishness of war.