Onion products include dehydrated flakes and powders, usually made from white cultivars with high dry matter content, and onion oil, which is produced by distillation. It shows that the difference have significant influence the throughput capacity of the machine. The samples of root and tuber crops were classified into small, medium and large based on their measured physical properties Table 1. Both frying and roasting enhance the flavour of the root crop and most importantly reduce its moisture content, so extending its shelf life. The design and fabrication of a multi-crop slicing machine is expected to lead to the following; i Reduction of human drudgery associated with the manual method of slicing root and tuber crops. Energy Requirement in Mechanical Chipping of Tapioca.

For onion, the small group decrease in throughput capacity with increase in speed. McGraw Hill Book Co; It may be due to toughness or fibre level in crop. Isometric view of the multi-crop slicing machine. This crop also serves as source of income for rural farmers and substantial foreign exchange can be earned from export.

Development of a plantain slicing device

T 1 and T 2 were obtained reviee It shows that the difference have significant influence the throughput capacity of the machine. Overview of World Banana Production and Trade. Transactions of the ASAE, 16 6: J Food Sci Technol. But the large size decreases in efficiency with increase in speed due to toughness or texture of the crop size.

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Materials and methods Component parts of the machine The machine is a simple device, used in making a transverse cutting of plantain pulp into uniform sizes. The objective of this work was to develop a simple motorised plantain slicer for small scale plantain chips producers. The required rotational force F cto drive the shaft was obtained using the relation below Hall et al.


literature review on plantain slicer

An electric motor stand with four slots holes for pre-tensioning of belt by adjustment of center distance between the driving and driven pulleys is also provided. Literathre mature fruit, i. Some mechanical properties of plantain fruit.

Journal of Food Science and Technology,27 4: In Nigeria, for agro-climate reasons, plantain cultivation is concentrated in the southern region of the country.

McGraw-Hill Publishers Incorporated; The initial tension of the belt: Design for shaft strength The shaft is made of mild steel and is being supported on two rolling elements bearings and at both ends of the shaft will be attached the driven pulley and the cutting disc. The type of crops, the end product desired and the machinery available often determines the type of size reduction method used.

literature review on plantain slicer

The cutting disc mass and diameter are 1. Isometric view of the multi-crop slicing machine. Remember me reveiw this computer. Processing of Tropical Root Crops. Nevertheless, as the plantain chips industry attract more investments depicted by the increase in the rate of packaged brands that are being sold on Nigerian roads, markets, stores, fast food joints and supermarkets, the need for a simple, affordable, easy to maintain slicing device cannot be overestimated.


Dried onion products are used by the food processing industry Elasha, Such processes as cutting of fruits plantaiin vegetables for canning, shredding sweet potatoes for drying, slicing onion for salad, chopping corn fodder, grinding grain for livestock feed and milling flour are size reduction operations.

Bedrock for Industrail Renaissance in Nigeria. The measurements were based on crop samples from each root and tuber crops selected.

Plantain chips llterature, an art of frying round slices of un-ripened and slightly ripened plantain pulp in vegetable oil is the most popular plantain product in Nigeria and neighbouring countries, and is a quick alternative to other snacks. The equivalent torque of Published online Feb That is to say the difference will influence the capacity of the machine.

Development of a plantain slicing device

In Nigeria a number of researchers have worked on production of slicing machine for various crops such as okro, onion and tubers Odigboh and Existing theories for peeling and slicing Kachru et al. Because of the high moisture content of fresh tuber, the keeping quality is poor. The primary purpose of this unit is to slice the pulp of plantain to desired thickness and discharge it through the discharge opening into a collecting container.

literature review on plantain slicer

The maximum bending moment, M b on the shaft is