The disturbance v is known to be a linear combination of some known disturbance patterns, d 1 ,. A sentence is a finite sequence of symbols, k1 ,. Also, plot the optimal forces for each of the vehicles as a function of time. The roughness measure R is the sum of the squares of the differences of each element in the array and its neighbors. Boyd EE homework 5 solutions The receiver must make a guess or estimate as to which of the signals was sent, based on the received signal arecd.

This might occur in a communications system, where the transmitted signal power is known to be equal to one. After this processing, it is acted on by another channel, given by A. Compare your mean-square prediction error to the mean-square value of y, i. For some statements, there may be more than one correct answer; we will accept any correct one. Find the gradient of the following functions.

In this problem we consider the unit sphere in Rnwhich is defined as the set of vectors with norm one: Give an interpretation of Bij in terms of the language. If your algorithm cannot guarantee finding the true global minimum, say so. Hhomework find the parameter A that defines our model, you will use a least-squares criterion.

ee263 homework problems solutions

You must justify that any matrix inverses you use actually exist; you cannot simply assume that matrices appearing in your solution are invertible as we often let you do. You must also verify that the matrix you choose satisfies the requirements. For example, suppose that reaction R2 corresponds to the flow of metabolite M1 into the cell, with v2 giving the flow rate.


The numbers vi are small measurement errors.

It is easy to show that every linear function can be expressed as matrix multiplication, i. There is no such thing as a nonlinear unbiased estimator.

If you make choices during your procedure, how do you make them? Give a one sentence comment about what you observe. Explain how to determine whether or not the following statements hold: Thus, for example, w13 gives the wire width of inductor Compare the mean square flow of the optimal flow with the mean square flow of fsimple. She proposes to find the smallest possible correction term measured by kck such that the adjusted measurements yadj satisfy the known conservation laws.

EE homework 5 solutions

soputions Find the conditions on p1. You do not have to prove that the method converges, or that when it converges, it converges to a least-norm solution. Running this M-file will define ydes and the matrices A i given as a 3 dimensional array; for example, A: You may not assume anything about the dimensions of A, its rank, nullspace, etc.

But you must state this clearly.

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One of the following statements is true. We consider an integrated circuit IC that contains N cells or modules that are connected by K wires.


Suggest a name for the method you invent. You can remove the first and last D samples of z before making the histogram plot. For node 3, which has two shortest paths to the destination, we arbitrarily ee236 the path through node 4. For i odd, yi depends only on xj for j even. In the first time period, y1 becomes available, in the next time period y2 becomes available, and so on, so that all m measurements are available in the mth time period.

Explicitly describe the Gauss-Newton steps, including the matrices and vectors that come up. In the first, you simply generalize all the results to work for complex matrices, vectors, and scalars. Make clear how you decide whether a given orthogonal U is a rotation or reflection. You can assume that all matrices mentioned have appropriate dimensions.

ee263 homework problems solutions

Plot u and y versus t. You do not need to know anything about digital homewori everything you need to know is stated above. Below we describe several transformations of the signal x, that produce a new signal y whose dimension varies. In this problem, we will consider model estimation for vehicles in a fleet.