The simpler the method the better. Explain your method, and submit the code that you use to solve the problem. Briefly discuss the results. To show two methods are different, give a specific numerical example in which the estimates differ. Give the optimal locations of the free cells. If some matrix or matrices needs to be full rank for your method to work, say so.

The federal government has mandated that cellular network operators must have the ability to locate a cell phone from which an emergency call is made. There are many possible choices for the state here, even with different dimensions. From these measurements, we want to estimate the vector of densities x. Give an interpretation of Bij in terms of the language. Consider an undirected graph with n nodes, and no self loops i. You can assume that the data contains an integral number of days, i. You are to do this over T time periods.

In addition, each himework is corrupted by a small noise term. Here I and J are functions that map wire number i. We consider a network with n nodes, labeled 1. The plot is probably better viewed on a log-log scale, which can be done using the command loglog instead of the command plot.

Rsa homework solutions

If the function f: Either design a one-bit error correcting linear block code with the smallest possible m, or explain why it cannot be done. These represent N samples or observations of the input and output, respectively, possibly corrupted by noise. Some of the false statements above become true under certain assumptions on the dimensions of A and B. For example, in the graph shown above, 1, 2, 3, 4, 1 is a cycle of xolutions 4.


Be sure to explain why the algorithm you describe cannot fail. The number Rifact is the portfolio risk exposure to the ith economic sector. Be careful to use solutons right set of measurements for each problem!

For all components plot the original as well as predicted signals. To show two methods are different, give a specific numerical example in which the estimates homewogk. You do not need to know anything about digital circuits; everything you need to know is stated above.

Rsa homework solutions

You can assume that the matrices Ai are skinny, i. You are welcome to use any of the operations, matrices, and vectors defined above in your solution e. The solutioons is to predict y t for the next q time steps, i.

With normalization, the xi are sometimes called portfolio weights. Find the matrix D that represents D i. There are real numbers u1. Each source emits the pollutant at some emission rate; we let xj denote the emission rate for source j. In this data set the locations are arranged on a grid, with edges between adjacent locations except when there is an obstruction. You do not need to worry about ensuring that these are positive; you can assume this will occur automatically.


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In a memoryless model, the output at time t, i. Another approach is to represent complex matrices and vectors using real matrices and vectors of twice the dimensions, and then you homeowrk what you already know about real linear algebra. The increase in J can be thought of as the cost of imposing the deadlines, in terms of the size of estimator matrix.

The following interpretation is not needed to solve the problem. We are going to design an equalizer for the system, i. The population deviations follows a discrete-time linear dynamical system: Please include this plot with your solution. The simpler the method the better.

ee263 homework 9 solutions

An expert says that over this week, an appropriate model for the hourly temperature is a trend i. Your explanation should be as concrete as possible. You can assume that all matrices mentioned have appropriate dimensions. We can intrepret Aij which is either zero or one as the number of branches that connect node i to node j.

You can use the vectors sunlight and tungsten defined in color perception.