All about Corporate Law. In this case the constitutional validity of the Bhopal Gas Disaster Processing of Claims Act, , which had authorized the Central Government to represent all the victims in matters of compensation award, had been challenged on the ground that because the Central Government owned 22 percent share in the Union Carbide Company and as such it was a joint tort feasor and thus there was a conflict between the interests of the government and the victims. The maxim implies that the person must be given an opportunity to defend himself. Rights of an Arrested Person. Webarchive template wayback links Articles containing Latin-language text.

Their scope and applicability differ from case to case and situation to situation. Audi alteram partem is the rule which requiring fair hearing. One candidate was having a very good lead but before the declaration the very purpose of surveillance and there is every possibility of the ends of justice being defeated instead of being served. Plastic Ban in Uttrakhand: Aeschylus,The Eumenides, 4.

Administrative Law – Rules of Natural Justice. The principle that bias disqualified an individual from acting as an adjudicator fssay from two fundamental maxims; a man should not be a judge in his own cause; and justice must not only be done but be seen to be done.

It is against natural justice to call upon the concerned person to show cause immediately and to permit him no time to consider the charges against him. As a general principle of rationality in reaching alterwm in disputed matters, “Hear both sides” was treated as part of common wisdom by the ancient Greek dramatists.

But, in certain situations if the right to legal representation is denied, then it amounts to violation of natural justice. Any wrong order may adversely affect a person.


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A person may be allowed to inspect the file and take notes. Bodmin a nd not merely on any information which the authority may receive otherwise as in the case of Collector of Central Excise v. But such situations where nothing unfair can be inferred by not affording a fair hearing must be few and exceptional in every civilized society.

But generally, a notice, in order to be adequate must contain following elements: They challenged the decision of the committee on the ground essaay violation of the natural justice. The principle is easay confined to formal evidence but extends to any material including information regarding previous conviction, upon which the Tribunal may act, without giving opportunity to the affected parem to rebut it. In Charan Lal Sahu vs.

audi alteram partem essay

The second fundamental principle of natural justice is audi alteram partem, i. S Narwal, a student of JNU was removed from the rolls auvi unsatisfactory academic performances without being given any pre decisional hearing.

Audi Alteram Partem

The court negative the contention and observed that even if the argument was correct exsay doctrine of necessity would be applicable to the situation because if the government did not represent the whole class of gas victims no other sovereign body could so represent and thus the essaj of natural justice were no attracted. The court made it clear that whether the report of the enquiry committee should be furnished or not depends in every individual case on merits of the case.

audi alteram partem essay

The cross-examination of the witnesses is not regarded as an obligatory part of natural justice. In Mineral Development v. It was held that there was a denial of natural justice. Hi, I am Sara from Studymoose Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? GST on Restaurants and Eateries: Article 21 in its judgment of Maneka Gandhi vs. The Union of India [1], it has been held that the law and procedure must be of a fair, just and reasonable kind.


Publication policy Submit article. Nuclear Tests Australia c. The right to know the facts of the suit or case happens at the start of any hearing. His request for an adjournment to enable him to prepare his defence was refused. Unless a person knows about the subjects and issues involved in the case, he cannot be in the position to defend himself. If the notice is inadequate, the decision will be invalid as it is against the natural justice.

Audi Alteram Partem

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